We are alcemy, a Berlin-based startup focused on machine learning for the cement- and concrete supply chain. alcemy was founded in October 2018 by Dr. Robert Meyer, who built the ML behind FlixBus dynamic ticket fares, and Leopold Spenner, a concrete engineer, who knows cement inside out as his family has been making it for almost hundred years by now. We are backed by some of the most prestigious VC funds in Europe (La Famiglia, First Minute Capital, and LocalGlobe).

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Our Mission

Massively reducing humankind's CO2 footprint by enabling green cement and concrete

Concrete is vital for humankind's prosperity, it is the foundation of modern life. Concrete is used everywhere, for building homes for billions of people or for indispensable infrastructure like roads, bridges, and tunnels. In fact, [the only thing humankind consumes more of, by volume, is water](https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/09/portland-cement-changed-the-way-the-world-looked/380140/#:~:text=The only thing that humans,of global carbon dioxide emissions.). However, concrete, and specifically its most important ingredient cement, is responsible for about 8% of worldwide carbon emissions.

Historically, concrete recipes are designed to be excessively robust. They allow high margins of error in the production process. For example, this robustness compensates changes in moisture of materials like sand and travel times to construction sites. In order to do so the concrete's cement must consist mostly of burnt limestone, also called clinker, whose production is responsible for the high CO2 emissions. One way of lowering the CO2 emissions is to replace some of the clinker with other less carbon intensive materials. However, this reduces the allowed margins of error in concrete recipes and the production process — this is why green concrete has not happened yet.

We want to change this! We want to enable concrete mixes with a much lower CO2 footprint: We build intelligent production control software for every player in the cement and concrete supply chain. Consequently, producers can make the most efficient use of their resources.

We are going to be the world's first company that makes production of green concrete possible. Our system will allow new green concrete being made out of a cement containing 50% CO2-free filler material.


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